Perfect Pimple Patch

Say goodbye to pesky pimples and the scars they leave behind!

Perfect Pimple Patch


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(54 patches total)


Subi’s Perfect Pimple Patch is a new way to treat pimples.

Our invisible hydrocolloid patches extract impurities, prevent bacteria from spreading, camouflage pimples and help heal your skin quicker. Thin enough to wear 24/7.

You receive 3 x full sized packs with free shipping = 54 patches.


Pimples can’t sit with us.

Say goodbye to pesky pimples and the scars they leave behind with our Perfect Pimple Patch. Made with medical-grade hydrocolloid, we use the thinnest available patches to draw out the gunk, reducing inflammation and the urge to pick.


Our Perfect Pimple Patch can be used three ways:

  • On spots with fluid or pus. Ewwww…. When you see a head emerging on your pimple, whack a Perfect Pimple Patch on it and let the hydrocolloid do its job.
  • When most of the pimple is gone. Phewww…. When the pimple is flattened, change to a new patch and leave it on to be sure everything is out.
  • When you’ve picked at it. Noooo…. Don’t worry. Hydrocolloid has great healing properties. Place a Perfect Pimple Patch on the spot to protect and repair skin.


Alcohol, Sulfates, Parabens? Not at Subi.

Our super-effective, non-drying formula is 100% drug-free.


  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly and dry the area to be treated.
  2. Apply a patch to the affected area. Leave it on for 12 hours.
  3. Once the patch has turned opaque or white, you know its worked its magic. Remove and discard the patch.



Cruelty Free: Animal testing? Never.

Vegan: Our patches are made for everyone.

Made with the planet in mind: Our supply chain is 100% optimised to minimise environmental impact.

Mindful Production: We make our products under safe, legal and humane working conditions.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Not feeling it? You can return our products for a refund. Read more on our return policy here.

Ingredients: Cellulose gum, styrene isoprene, styrene block copolymer, polyisobutylene, petroleum resin, polyurethane film liquid, paraffin, tetrakis methane.


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Acne Prone, Anti Aging, Combination Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Mature Skin, Oily Skin, Pigmentation, Pores, Sensitive Skin

18 reviews for Perfect Pimple Patch

  1. Ella So

    Best patch I’ve used! So thin and really sucks up the liquid.

  2. Ripa M

    I used this last week and oh my goodness this was amazing. I kept this overnight. And the patches didn’t come off. When I took it off the zit was gone. There was no scarring or black spot. I think everyone should have this. Last but not the least it’s cruelty free. Yayyy.

  3. Audrey

    I found these to stick better than most pimple patches. I use them after I cleanse my face, on dry skin, and before I start my skincare routine! These are thin and practically invisible, making it ok to use in the daytime, but i just used these at night. By the next morning all the gunk from my pimple was gone! There was still some redness, but that went away in a day or so.

  4. Eleanor Tan

    As a longtime sufferer of acne, i’ve basically used every patch on the market. By far and away, Subi’s pimple patch is the best one yet. It’s super sticky and the thinnest I’ve seen. No problems wearing it out to the shops, but I felt more comfortable putting makeup over it for work.

    Incredible product and the free shipping is a great bonus. Customer service was lovely and super responsive.

    I’ll definitely be buying again!

  5. Andrea M

    These seriously work. I’ve used them on a few whiteheads now and it works like a DREAM.

  6. Krystal

    The Perfect Pimple Patch advertises as being the most precise invisible patch on the market and this couldn’t be truer. The fact they are so tiny really help focus on the head of the pimple to fully extract any pus or oil from it. Most other patches are larger to fully envelop the zit but I find that if the pimple is fairly large it doesn’t stick to the skin well and therefore does not properly extract it. Since these focus on the head they yield better results.

  7. Nora

    I was really impressed. First, it is so thin that it is almost invisible on my skin. Second, it sucks all the gunk and it stays up to 10 hrs. I only need two patches for a day and after I remove it, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue. The pimple area remains red after the first day and I usually apply it for another day for that area to heal better. I find this patch stays longer after cleansing and before doing my skincare routine.

  8. Julia

    These patches work like a charm on any active acne and just look at their beautiful packaging! They’re also very thin so they’re definitely safe to wear all day. I’ve been loving them.

  9. Mary Cheyenne

    Honestly I never really like patches until these! They stick so well to the skin! And in the morning when I remove them I get so excited to see that pimple had taken care of business and is already healing! It’s really cool to see all the junk that comes from your pimples! I’m honestly extremely impressed by these! Every other brand I’ve tried always let me down! But these are amazing! I don’t want to run out of them!

  10. Yani

    I have been using these patches on those surprise pimples that I discover before work, when in use you can’t see them and it helps to reduce inflammation and flatten the skin! You have to make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying the patch. These worked well for me and I will continue to use them!

  11. Jenn

    At night, after cleansing I stick one of these bad boys directly onto my pimple and let it do it’s magic. When I wake up and remove the sticker, I can see the pimple has flattened and that the ingredients in the sticker have drawn the nasty pus from my pimple!

  12. Firjani

    This patches is absolutely amazing, it really can reduce my pimple in 24 hours. All the red inflammation & swelling of my pimple reduced in a short time. If i have an important event on the next day and then there’s a pimple on my face, i will use this a day before and i don’t have to worry about it anymore!

  13. Sheri

    I had a few nasty pimples pop up last week. It took 2-3 days of using these, but the spots definitely shrank really quickly and without that gross, dry, flakey phase that come with using chemical acne treatments. All in all, I definitely saw the benefit in these and plan to keep some on hand for breakouts.

  14. Tracy

    I had this big pesky zit so I immediately tried this. I love that its very thin and almost invisible, you can wear it even daytime. I tried this overnight and I am dumbfounded to see how it quickly flattened my zit. I use another patch just to be sure that it’ll suck all the gunk left. Almost an HG.

  15. TE

    They are super thin – like I nearly forgot to take it off when I wash my face thin! These patches look different from common hydrocolloid patches (uniform opaque) – these patches has a rather more opaque centre and clear border to hide its visibility even more! And what’s cool is they are super strong!

  16. Shannon

    First off they are incredibly thin, you can barely see that you are wearing them. They are a lot thinner than other brands I’ve used.

    They are made from invisible hydrocolloid.

    I tried these patches two different ways, on a Whitehead I felt forming and a pimple I had just extracted. When I woke up the next morning and removed the patch from the white head I felt forming it was almost completely flat and went away.

    The pimple I had extracted and then placed a patch on, had taken down the inflammation and when removed the patch had turned white and sucked all the icky out of and healed a lot faster than normal.

  17. Skarlet

    I use these patches on those days when I have small pimples or whiteheads that are ready to be pop out.

  18. Sean

    When I first tried these, I thought it was a waste of time but a few weeks in and I need a refill. I really like how easy these are to use, stick em on and you’re ready for the magic. I found these stick on my skin better than other patches on the market.

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