Put down the blunt object and step away from the pimple – we’ve got you covered with Subi Perfect Pimple Patches. Literally. 

Whether it’s acne that pops up right before a special date or something you’ve learned to live with – pimples are something we’d rather not deal with in the first place. 

Don’t pick it – patch it.

Pimple patches have been used in Asia since the 2000s and are a skin savior for those awkward moments when you could really do without pimples.  Despite this, they are relatively unheard of in the US, UK Canada or Australia… We’re here to change that! 

If you’re new to this simple anti-acne solution, here’s a Beginner’s Guide to Pimple Patches

So what are pimple patches? 

Subi’s Perfect Pimple Patch is a hydrocolloid patch. (But more on that in a minute!)

Our patches are completely free from drugs or skin nasties (think alcohol, mineral oil, parabens, silicones, artificial fragrances, dyes or animal by-products).

They also skip out on other ingredients that are commonly used to dry out acne.

Instead, our natural, cruelty-free, vegan patches heal skin by adopting a type of technology originally used in hospitals.

Before, During, After Subi

What is Hydrocolloid, anyway? 

Hydrocolloid patches are made of gel forming agents similar to those used in hospitals to dress wounds.

Using a Hydrocolloid patch over a blemish gives your skin the protection it needs to heal the blemish quickly and efficiently.

Once applied, patches drain out any pus and underlying bacteria present in the pimple, while also preventing bacteria from spreading. You simply leave it on until the patch turns white (anywhere between 12 – 48 hours).

This reveals skin that has been flattened, with lesser inflammation, discomfort and redness.

How To Use Patches

It is important to ensure that you appropriately cleanse blemishes prior to applying a patch – this is because patches work best when applied to a clean, dry surface.

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Here’s a video on how to use Perfect Pimple Patch:

Can Subi Perfect Pimple Patch get rid of my pimple? 

Pimples come in many shapes and sizes.

To find out how our Subi Perfect Pimple Patch works on each of the various types of pimples, read on!


Probably not. 

These develop when a pore is clogged without a layer of skin protecting it. When this happens, the open pore and gunk inside is exposed to air and oxidizes (giving it the black colour we know and hate). 

Subi’s Perfect Pimple patches may help to remove some of the dirt trapped within the pores, however it is unlikely to take it all out. The best method to prevent blackheads is to regularly exfoliate to boost skin cell turnover; thereby avoiding clogged pores altogether!


Short answer? YES. 

Got one of those annoying and very awkward pimples brimming with a head that’s white? Our patches are the solution. 

Whiteheads appear when pores become clogged with dead skin cells, sebum and or bacteria. 

Perfect Pimple Patch helps drain these bad boys of their fluid while protecting damaged skin from bacteria. This aids in the healing process. 

Watch the results using Subi Patches on a whitehead below:

Cystic Acne:

Proceed with caution. 

Cystic acne involves large, red and often very painful breakouts rooted deep within the skin. These breakouts are often infected and can sometimes linger for years causing scarring, amongst other issues. If you have cystic acne, seeking the advice of a medical doctor or dermatologist should be your first step. We would also recommend obtaining the approval of your medical professional before attempting to use our patches on your pimples if you are currently using or have previously been prescribed medication for the treatment of your acne. 

Although some of our customers have reported excellent results when applying our patches to their cysts, our advice when using our pimple patches on painful, cystic acne is to proceed with caution.

Do not use our pimple patches on pimples bigger than the size of the patch (10mm across). If you experience any bleeding, please discontinue use immediately and consult with a medical practitioner as soon as practical.

To read how our patches can be used to treat bacne click here.

Let us know how you use pimple patches in the comments below!